When people join our community, they enter into a full and varied formation program. They spend their first twelve months getting to know the community, experiencing its life and mission first hand. Then they enter the novitiate. They learn about the history, mission and spirituality of the congregation and study its rule of life, the Constitutions. They examine the religious vows and life in community. At the end of their year of novitiate they make the first profession of their religious vows.

Then follows a number of years of theological studies and specialised training in the mass media. They also spend time each week actively involved in the media mission. About six years after their first religious profession members pronounce their perpetual vows. Members preparing for the priesthood are ordained following perpetual profession.

With their initial preparation complete, members take up full-time responsibilities in the Pauline mission. Formation, however, never ends. Throughout our working life we seek to keep up to date with the skills needed for the Pauline mission in the media. Always we strive to grow in our relationship with God.



Prayer and Community Life

We are an apostolic community. Our community life supports us as we undertake our mass media apostolate. Our community structures can change according to the needs of the mission. Sometimes our communities are larger and more organised and in other cases they are smaller and more flexible.

As our community life nourishes and supports us in our mission, the mission in turn brings life and energy into our community living.

Regardless of the size of our community, prayer (both personal and communal) has a central role. At the heart of our daily life are two key moments of prayer: the Eucharistic celebration and an hour of Eucharistic prayer, often at the end of our day's work.

Daily Quotes
To give to the world Jesus Master, the Way the Truth and the Life
Blessed James Alberione

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