Regional Assembly News - Australia

Regional Assembly News - Australia

Added: Sat 30-01-2010.   Author: SSP Australia

Today, 30 January 2010, the Regional Assembly of the Australian Region began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr Varghese Pudussery who is the most senior priest member of the Region. During the Mass Fr Varghese welcomed the presence of the Superior General, D. Silvio Sassi and the General Counsellor, Br Walter Rodriguez representing the General Government.

D. Silvio, who is visiting Australia for the first time, and Br Walter arrived in Sydney the day before after visiting Philippines and Macau for the last ten days.

Fr Nestor Candado, the Regional Superior who has just been appointed for the second term opened up the two days Regional Assembly by officially welcoming the Superior General and the General Counsellor on behalf of all the nine members of the Region present.

D. Silvio Sassi, in his opening address to the Assembly reminded all the members of the Region present that he and Br Walter are here representing the General Government all the other seventeen Circumscriptions of the Pauline world. ‘This Assembly,’ the General said, ‘is not just for the Australian Region but indeed for all of the Paulines present in the world and as such anything that happens here is both for the Paulines in Australia and in the world.’ After the address of the Superior General, all the other reports were presented and the Guideline Letter of the Superior General was then reflected upon and discussed in an open, frank and serious manner.

The first day of the Assembly ended with the Assembly dinner in one of the famous Italian restaurant in the area.

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