Pauline Spirituality

Pauline Spirituality

Constituted under the title and patronage of St Paul the Apostle, the Doctor of the Gentiles, the Congregation avows special devotion to Mary Queen of Apostles. The Congregation nourishes itself of Christ by means of the word of God and the Eucharist; it is in Christ that it unifies prayer, study, apostolate and religious consecration, and it is from Christ that it draws strength in order to communicate to human beings the fullness of God's salvific mystery.

To enter into this spirit Paulines follow Fr Alberione's example. His was a living testimony of Christ the Master expressed and summed up by Paul: 'Christ lives in me.; It is for this reason that the Pauline spirit is called 'Pauline'. To be Pauline, that is to 'live in Christ', embraces life taken as a whole.

Fr Alberione's spiritual approach mirrors the Christocentric view of St Paul. He invited Paulines to come to an understanding of the total mystery of Christ by means of the gospel concept of 'Master'. Since 'he is the Way, the Truth and the Life, he fulfils all the expectations of our spirit. Indeed he infinitely surpasses them.

'To live in Christ' implies total commitment of being and exacts an integral response that will seek to give in every aspect of life. 'First and foremost among the things to be learned in the Pauline Family is devotion to Jesus Master. This devotion embraces the whole person; it is to be applied to spiritual work, to study, to apostolate, to the whole of religious life.'

The character of Paulines as consecrated persons and apostles is also given by the virgin Mary, the Mother of God. For Paulines she is the Queen of Apostles since she is 'the model of that motherly love with which all who join in the church's apostolic mission for the regeneration of humankind should be animated.' She 'occupies a place which is the highest after Christ and also closest to us'. She is the inspiration and the strength of our apostolate: 'She gave us the whole Christ, Way, Truth and Life.' She stands as the perfect model of complete availability to God and to neighbour.

In addition, Paulines have a special devotion to St Paul the Apostle as father, teacher and inspiration of their mission. From him Paulines learn openness to the world that implies them to bring the message of salvation to all peoples, a pastoral adaptability that compels them to become all things to all persons, and a concern to bring to life in Christ every human value.

Pauline spirituality is a prophetic voice in the Church within which Paulines have a specific responsibility. Consequently it devolves on each Pauline to make this spirituality known.

Daily Quotes
The Priest who is learned is esteemed. The Priest who is powerful is feared. The Priest who speaks well is listened to. But only the Priest steeped in great charity is loved.
Blessed James Alberione

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